September 12, 2014

Rafa sick

Due to some personal and professional matters, I've paused my personal 30 day challenge, but will post everything as soon as I finish.
This month, I have an additional task/responsibility in hands. My big turtle, Rafa, has an infection and I have to give her one injection per day for 3 weeks. Today, at the clinic, she was struggling because there was too much weird stuff going on: the pain of the infection, the doctor's hands, 3 injections (one was a simulation, practically unnecessary), so after the vet appointment the poor creature was tired and sleepy. She didn't even want to eat. I feel so bad and guilty because part of it was my fault. As much as the water in the tank looked clean, i was forgetting about the bacteria from her poop. I used to change water frequently, but since i've got a bigger tank, its not easy to perform this task as regular as before. Now, both of us are paying for my lack of knowledge.

Oh and i found out today it's a she and not an he. Always thought it was a male! :/

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