July 25, 2014

Sour skittles

I have this bunch of snacks that my boyfriend brought me the last time he came to visit me, both of them a surprise, him coming visit me and him bringing me all these snacks. I was very excited, feeling like a little kid with toys, even thought it was just snacks full of unhealthy ingredients with weird names, like Maltodextrin that I've never heard before, but i guess it's a very common ingredient. Anyway, besides the food, I love packaging design, so most of the time when i see a cool packaging of an interesting snack, I buy it. Of Course, I already had unpleasant surprises, like pink cookies looking so yummy and cute and tasting terribly, or a cool fat package bag of nori crackers that wasn't even half full. The worst part is that it was delicious. (; ̄д ̄)

One of the things was sour skittles. Skittles are good, they are OK, I was never a big fan. NOW, the sour skittles, those are definitely a different sensation. It's very sour in the beginning, so you struggle to remove that acidic first layer and once it's gone you really taste the rainbow. I know its not a new product, but it was the first time I've tried and they are awesome.

The next one its even more acidic then the previous.

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