July 30, 2014


I had the chance to taste a new snack that i already knew before, but had never eaten. I saw, a long time ago, on the internet, this famous korean snack called Pepero, which is a cookie stick dipped in chocolate. It's so famous, that Koreans have a special date called Pepero day. Basically you exchange these cookies with your friends and loved ones. A little like valentines day, but more in your face "this is the product you have to buy today".

I was excited when I saw this between the stuff my boyfriend bought me. I mean, come on, they have a special date, it must be freaking delicious to give so much importance to it, so I was curious to try them.

I tasted it .... and they are not bad, but i can easily find better chocolate. Between the Chocolate (regular) and the Almond Chocolate, I go for the last one. Guess I was expecting too much from this product.

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