August 15, 2015


Long time no see


 linha digital

preenchimento e resultado final Halfnice

A ideia surgiu após uma visita à minha avó e de uma das muitas coisas que ela tem para contar. Uma experiência que teve no metro ao ver uma menina ao qual ela descreve como sendo "mesmo bonitinha". "ela tinha uma carinha bonita a miúda , mas". Ela só estava  a ver um lado da cara porque quando a rapariga se virou,  a minha avó não conseguiu conter a expressão de surpresa que sentia.
Na verdade, ela não me contou isto para me dizer que a miúda era meia deforme e sim o facto da criança ter comentado com a avó-mãe-tia-seja o que for e essa mulher ter olhado para a minha avó com cara de esterco. v_v



close up

Testemunho sobreveio como reflexão sobre a necessidade de ter razão. Quando ter razão é mais importante do que ser feliz.

September 12, 2014

Rafa sick

Due to some personal and professional matters, I've paused my personal 30 day challenge, but will post everything as soon as I finish.
This month, I have an additional task/responsibility in hands. My big turtle, Rafa, has an infection and I have to give her one injection per day for 3 weeks. Today, at the clinic, she was struggling because there was too much weird stuff going on: the pain of the infection, the doctor's hands, 3 injections (one was a simulation, practically unnecessary), so after the vet appointment the poor creature was tired and sleepy. She didn't even want to eat. I feel so bad and guilty because part of it was my fault. As much as the water in the tank looked clean, i was forgetting about the bacteria from her poop. I used to change water frequently, but since i've got a bigger tank, its not easy to perform this task as regular as before. Now, both of us are paying for my lack of knowledge.

Oh and i found out today it's a she and not an he. Always thought it was a male! :/

August 02, 2014

30 day challenge: Outfit

I've decided to make a "30 day challenge", in which i will draw one oufit each day. I started today, and will be posting all of them here on september 1. Also, I will try to post them everyday on my tumblr. You can check it out in here.


July 30, 2014


Another similar snack it's Pretz, which I also have it with me right now, the salad flavour. It was introduced to me by youtube when I was looking for weird Japanese tv shows and ads. The first impression I got when opening Pretz salad package, was that the only thing I was going to get from it was the taste of the salt. Guess what, they are ridiculously delicious. It's amazing how can they put so much flavour in this almost invisible stick. Must be healthy as hell. Now, it's a snack I must have everytime my boyfriend comes to visit or when i go visit him. And I make sure i leave it for a special occasion.

They don't look anything special, but they are.